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• Technology monitoring at Statoil's research center (1993): Project on assessment of forecasting/networking functions for Statoil R&D (project leader)

• Macro drivers and micro trends in advanced manufacturing (1994): Project for The Norwegian Research Council and SINTEF as part of larger consortium of manufacturing firms (project leader). The project involved identification of 10 macro trends and 62 technologically driven micro trends, synthesizing data from across many of the knowledge domains in SINTEF

• Societal trends and technology/market trends (1992-1993): Project for SINTEF’s strategic planning function (project leader)

• Modern biotechnology – industrial results (1992): Study for the Norwegian Cluster Project (a part of Michael Porter’s cluster analysis) on behalf of SNF; the Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration (project leader)

• Consequences of environmental demands. The case of the California Clean Air Requirements (1991): Trend analysis for Statoil (project leader)

• Energy and technology (1991): Future trend analysis of technological developments within eight subsectors for Statoil’s strategic planning process (responsible for analysis of electricity and hydrogen as fuels)

• Technology as a global driving force (1990): Policy study made as input to the strategic planning process in Statoil (project participant, lead author)