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In the period between 1993 and 1997 I was the initiator and project leader of a series of projects dealing with competence analysis linked to strategic change. Initially this set out as a collaboration with the Strategic Planning Department of Hydro Aluminum. The methodology we developed - KOM UT!  - has since been applied in processes with over 100 organizations within and outside Hydro Aluminium.





Competence analysis in small and medium-sized firms (1993-1994)

Applied research project for and with Hydro Aluminum, co-sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development:

Plasto, Klausen Mekaniske Verksted, Måløy Sildoljefabrikk, Vik Verk, Holmestrand Laquered Products, Magnor Pressverk, Fundo

- Initiator and project leader

- Recruited all non-Hydro participants

- Participated as process facilitator in all firms

Competence analysis in knowledge intensive services (1994-1995)

Applied research project for further development of methodology, financed in full by participating organizations:

IKU Letegeologi, SINTEF Klima- og kuldeteknikk, Statens Datasentral

- Project leader

- Initiator, project leader and facilitator

Competence analysis in the Building Materials Merchant Industry (1995-1996):

User oriented research project owned by the Norwegian Building Materials Merchant, co-sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council (TYIN-program) and 4 participating firms:

Høvellast, L. A. Lund, Strand Trelast, Gunnar T. Strøm

- Co-initiator of the project as a whole and in recruiting all the participating organizations